Creative Week 2012

Creative Week 2012

Art and Culture Around The World –First Steps Towards Collaborative Learning

In February all of the children from Nursery to Second Grade participated in
Creative Week.  During this week the children were mixed together so that they had the opportunity to work with new friends from different classes and levels.  The children from Nursery and Kinder were mixed together to form 6 new groups named after different animals (Lions, Elephants, Tigers, etc..).  The children from Prep to Second Grade were also mixed together to form 8 new groups named after different artistic occupations (Painters, Writers, Photographers, etc..)

During the week all of the groups participated in different creative workshops.  Workshops included collaborative story writhing, craft and culture, drama, creative ICT projects and music and movement.  All of the workshops were based around basic collaborative learning principles which encourage the participation of all children, good communication skills and positive social interaction.   At the end of the week the children participated in a large assembly where they shared their experiences and their finished projects with all of their peers and teachers.

Samples of the finished work from Creative Week will be displayed at the end of the year in the annual Art Exhibition.

Claire Neely

Infant Section Coodinator

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