St. Paul’s School Creative Week

St. Paul’s School Creative Week

Last week the children from Nursery to 6th grade of Primary participated in one of St. Paul’s School’s most artistic and fun learning experiences: Our Creative Week.

This year the children gained inspiration from art styles from around the world in a project that looked at how cultural and natural patterning and art styles influence fashion and cultural objects. These starting points provided opportunities for engagement and inspired creativity through the wonderful world of art and hands-on learning experiences. The methodology of the sessions followed the basic project based learning features and aimed at providing a motivating, challenging and at the same time fun environment for teachers and children to learn and work together.

This year’s Creative Week kick start was an assembly conducted by Richard Mitchell who launched the theme “World of Creativity: Fashion meets Pattern” by talking to the children about his travels around the world exploring and discovering different cultures and countries’  artistic and life styles.

Everyone took part in and enjoyed: art workshops, an Irish Band Folk Concert, traditional meals, an African storyteller, Scottish Country Dancing, Chinese jewellery design and lots of fun and inspiring activities which have allowed this year’s Creative Week to be a most successful and rewarding experience.

Native American, African, South and Central American, Indian, Celtic, Hawaiian and Chinese art were the themes developed by the teams throughout the four days and their work resulted in beautiful and very original final pieces of art and costume design that the children paraded in the week’s fantastic finish, the last day’s celebration fashion show.

Students from 6th grade of Primary were split amongst all other groups in pairs and acted as creativity helpers supporting and helping with younger pupils, contributing towards personal development and emotional intelligence skills.

We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs and our wee Scottish Country Dancing display!

Otilia Roca – Thaïs Nosàs – Richard Mitchell

Creative Week Coordinators

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