ESO 1 – Drama

The week beginning 4th June, 1 ESO performed the plays which they had been rehearsing during the third term of the course.  Half of 1 ESO B performed” Lad Carl” on Monday 4th June, half of 1 ESO A performed “Revenge” on Wednesday 6th, it was the turn of 1 ESO B’s “Orpheus & Eurydice” on Thursday 7th and we finished the week with 1 ESO A’s production of “The Question”.  All the students worked really hard to learn their lines, prepare their costumes and set up the stage for each production.  Their drama teacher, Hannah Margrett, helped the students prepare for the plays, and Johnny Casals was invaluable in setting up the backgrounds, the lights and the sound.  The plays were performed in front of parents and fellow students and each play was a great success.  In fact, Orpheus & Eurydice was such a success that it was performed again for 5th and 6th grade students the following week.

Hannah Margrett

Drama Teacher