Infant section



The children in the Infant Section learn through participating in hands-on experiences designed to build self confidence and autonomy. Our curriculum is planned to develop social and emotional intelligence and as well as build a solid base for future academic learning.
We believe each child is unique with regards to his or her own individual learning process. Therefore, we strive to be creative and flexible to meet each child’s needs and work with different learning styles.

The children learn through a cross curricular, topic-based approach. Activities are always developmentally appropriate and work all areas of the curriculum including language, mathematics, fine motor skills, social awareness, science and creative expression. Information is presented in a dynamic and interactive manner using up-to-date teaching methodologies and modern resources. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and the children are encouraged to be active participants in their learning process.

Our primary linguistic objective is to prepare children for success within the context of our trilingual language project. During their 3 years in the Infant Section we aim to get the children as fluent as possible in the English Language whilst continuing to develop their native language skills. With this objective in mind, the children are immersed in English for 80% of their time at school

In Nursery and Kinder our focus is to develop good oral, verbal and comprehension skills in both English and Spanish. This ensures that the following year in Prep the children have the framework necessary to read and write in both languages. The children in the Infant Section also have daily Spanish language sessions and participate in weekly sessions of gym, music and ICT with specialist teachers


Nursery program (P3)

The Nursery program is designed to immerse our youngest learners in English while at the same time develop their Spanish language skills.

The first term of Nursery is focused around successful adaptation to school and the development of basic habits, autonomy and responsibility. The children in Nursery enjoy participating in activities designed to develop:

  • Communication skills.
  • Fine motor skills.
  • Logical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Social and emotional intelligence.

Kinder Program (P4)

The Kinder program is designed to build on the habits and skills acquired in Nursery. In Kinder, the children consolidate their English language comprehension and focus on verbal communication skills, spontaneous expression and correct articulation and pronunciation.

The curriculum is geared around building strong pre-reading and pre-writing skills in English and Spanish and gaining practical mathematical experience by working with shapes and numbers and logical thought and problem solving. We focus on:

  • Pre-writing
  • Pre-reading
  • Playing in English (playground workshops)
  • Second Step Program (emotional intelligence)
  • Project Based Learning
  • ICT

Prep Program (P5)

The final year in the Infant Section (Prep) is specifically designed to prepare children socially and academically for the transition to the Primary School.

The children begin a formal reading and writing program in both English and Spanish and follow a more structured Maths and Sciences curriculum. In Prep the children also participate in different learning projects where basic cooperation skills, such as teamwork, collaboration, problem solving and decision making are developed. We focus on:

  • Reading and Writing.
  • Classroom library.
  • Teamwork and problem solving.
  • Music and rhythm.
  • Project based learning.
  • Reading Club.
  • Robots & Technology

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