St. Paul’s School


St. Paul’s School was founded in 1968 by a group of parents whose ideals were freedom and respect, a love of culture, self-discipline and responsibility.

At. St. Paul’s we provide an environment of trust, responsibility and freedom in which our pupils can learn and become confident and independent people who will be able to meet the challenges of life in the 21st century, be successful in whatever they choose to do and who possess the skills and qualities that will allow them to reach their goals in this increasingly competitive world.

The characteristics of our school:

  • Teaching in three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan
    Particular emphasis is placed on the English language which is taught through immersion. French is introduced as a fourth language in the first year of Secondary.
  • Educational Excellence
    First-class academic results and the encouragement of an intellectually-stimulating environment. At St. Paul’s we encourage each student to reach their maximum level of potential.
  • Attention to Diversity
    Special attention to diversity and all it’s aspects:students with special needs and gifted and talented.
  • Character Development
    A commitment to the personal development of our pupils and the appreciation of social values. We wish to develop responsible people who who are emotionally stable and who show empathy towards their environment.
  • At the Forefront of Information Technology
    Leader in innovation, St Paul’s proposes a renewed approach to education, inspired by technology and lead by pedagogy.
  • International Project
    St Paul’s students have several opportunities during their education here to participate in projects and programmes in English speaking countries.
  • Generalitat de Catalunya Curriculum
    The curriculum taught at St. Paul’s is the same as that taught in any other school in Barcelona. However, at St. Paul’s the language used for a large part of the teaching is English, as specified in our linguistic programme.
  • St. Paul’s Foundation
    The foundation is governed by the parents and the school is run by a team of professionals. A non-profit organzation which guarantees transparency and efficiency.
  • Quality
    Emphasis is placed on continuous improvement, if anything can be improved, we aim to do so. Our objective is excellence in all areas.
  • Early Years, Primary and Secondary Education
    From the age of 3 until university entrance.
  • Non-denominational
    Where no specific religion is taught but all creeds are respected.