Elisa Castañer


Elisa Castañer

Curso 2009/10

Dear St.Paul’s,

I hope everything continues to flow as smoothly as always in the school. I check for news on your website from time to time as, after 15 years of being a part of everything there, it is difficult to be away. My first year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is nearly over, and it has been a great success.

I arrived here at the end of August for orientation. The moment I set foot inside the campus, I immediately felt I was in a place of learning when I saw the countless signboards for activities, lectures, projects and science competitions.

The first week of classes was a true test of my ability to adapt to a completely new college environment. English was not a problem but I was horrified by the amount of assignments and tasks set. However, although they were tough and lengthy at the beginning, they ended up being very thought-provoking and stimulating

There are many Spanish students doing their masters here but there are only three doing their undergraduate studies. I believe it is not common in Spain to study your whole degree abroad, but I wish this would change. The application process is long but it is undoubtedly worth it. Coming to the US is making my university experience very exciting and different from what I was used to. It has also allowed me to meet very interesting people, to widen my horizons, to become independent,.to value my family, my friends and everything I have in Spain.

Thank you very much St.Paul’s for preparing me for this amazing experience. I’ll come and see you all when I get back.

A big hug for everyone,

Elisa Castaner