Iberian Model United Nations – IMUN

Iberian Model United Nations – IMUN

In the beginning of November 15 students form 1st of Baccalaureate participated in the XIX IMUN Conference in Lisbon organised by the Carlucci American International School of Lisbon for three days. The first day was spent lobbying and merging with our draft resolutions with many delegates from schools around the world like: Kenya, Ghana and Brazil for example.

We all had to prepare draft resolutions and see if other delegates would sponsor us and eventually debate these resolutions later in the different forums and pass them if possible. The days were tiring and non stop. Debating and passing resolutions was the main objective.

We had a great time talking with different students from around the world, representing countries and taking part in an authentic simulation of the U.N.

Sandra Prieto member of the IMUN Press Team
St. Paul’s School 1st of Bachillerato

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