Social Education and Youth Space Project of the Gavina Foundation

Social Education and Youth Space Project of the Gavina Foundation

Espai Jove Fundació Gavina

With bags of rice, the youth of Raval will not be able to fly. 

Manar is 21 years old, currently in her second year of Social Education at the university, and with a smile, she continues to dream of being able to escape the economic difficulties that have marked her life and that of her family. Her mother arrived in Raval from Pakistan while pregnant with Manar. Together with her father, they settled in a small apartment in the Raval neighborhood, where they have lived all this time with Manar and her two siblings until recently when they were evicted. With the assistance of social services, Manar continues to study, work as a monitor to support her family, and participate in the Espai Jove project of the Gavina Foundation, where an educator has been accompanying her since she was 16 years old, helping her move forward. 

At Gavina, we provide assistance with basic needs, but it is not enough. Donating kilos of rice can help provide a few daysworth of meals, but supporting a comprehensive, inclusive, and quality education for all young people can truly pave the way for opportunities, enabling them to buy the rice they need themselves. 

Dropout and academic failure 

Considering that dropout and academic failure are phenomena that disproportionately affect lower-income neighborhoods, if we genuinely want Manar and others like her to break the cycle of poverty and overcome the legacy of exclusion from their family environment, we must invest in ensuring that children and young people, including Manar, have access to a quality education and the opportunity to pursue higher studies. Even today, education remains a significant factor for social mobility and a pathway to building a dignified future. 

As Professor Tomas Bulat asserts, “When you are born poor, studying is the greatest act of rebellion against the system.” 

What do we need to keep Espai Jove open in 2024?  

€30,000 to cover the salary of the educator who provides guidance, support, and assistance in identifying the talents and individual paths of the 30 young people (which can be expanded with additional resources). 

€36,000 for study scholarships to cover higher education tuition fees, computers and school supplies, transportation, and clothing. 

Without these resources, the young people supported by the Gavina Foundation face situations of exclusion, unwanted pregnancies, and an endless cycle of chronic poverty. As a society, we cannot afford to let this happen. 

St. Paul’s School and the Gavina Foundation 

Our school has been collaborating with the Gavina Foundation for many years, participating in specific actions within their communities or providing donations. As educators, we understand that education is possibly the greatest opportunity we can offer to young people, especially those facing challenging circumstances. It is a pleasure to support an organization that tirelessly fights against school failure and dropout rates through education and opportunities.