New buildings at St. Paul’s

New achivement

New buildings at St. Paul’s


The new achievements of ST. PAUL’S SCHOOL: New Buildings with the New No. 6, The Cube, and a spacious playground for Early years Education. 

Over years and decades of focused, persistent, and resilient effort, we have achieved the conquest of our freedom. 

The construction project of the New Building 6 for teaching activities, The Cube as a space for administration, and the extensive playground for Early Years Education, expected to be completed in early 2025, will allow us to stop renting the property on Pearson 39 marking a significant milestone in the history of our institution. 

What have we achieved? 

  • Institutional Autonomy: We stop depending on the will of third parties to continue our activities, becoming owners of our facilities and masters of our destiny.
  • Financial Improvement: We enhance the institution’s finances by eliminating a high rental expense, freeing up resources that will contribute to the improvement of the educational project.
  • Excellent Facilities: We create modern buildings where every square inch serves a defined purpose, including a spacious playground that will encourage outdoor educational activities and enhance the psychomotor skills of the youngest. 


A road of determination 

From the acquisition of the first plot in 1998 to the recent additions of Joan d’Alòs 17, Pearson 41 in 2014, and Joan d’Alòs 23 in 2021, we have progressively built Building 4, Building 5, and now, we culminate with the planned Building 6 and The Cube. 

Here we are in December 2023: 


Resilience in action 

Resilience is one of our values and has been tested against pandemics, complex negotiations for lease contract renewals, financial crises, and adversities of all kinds. 

At St. Paul’s, we persevere, demonstrating the strength of our values in action. 

This will be the result in December 2024: 

New achivement

Thank you, and we continue, for a promising future 

We appreciate the shared effort of past management, family board, boards of trustees, and the complicity of all the families who have believed in St. Paul’s School over so many years. 

We also recognize the tireless work of many professionals who have contributed to building, literally, one of the best educational centers in Barcelona. 

With the same tenacity that has brought us here, we will continue this journey. In December 2024, we eagerly anticipate the inauguration of the new facilities and to continue forging a solid and vibrant educational future. 

St. Paul’s School Inspiring Children. 

David Gabaldon

Financial Director 

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