Patricia: A legacy of dedication and excellence

Patricia: A legacy of dedication and excellence

We bid farewell to Patricia Carranza, who is retiring after 37 years of pure passion for teaching. Her leadership, spanning 20 years as the school’s director, has left an indelible mark on our educational community.

From her early days as a teacher, her role has transcended the classroom, deeply involving herself in every aspect of the school.


Patricia has been a true beacon of dedication in every project she undertook, bringing significant changes to St. Paul’s educational project. With the implementation of comprehensive trilingual education, the level of language proficiency has significantly increased over the years, enabling us to prepare St. Paul’s students for an increasingly competitive world.


Patricia has advocated the use of technology as an educational tool, promoting digitalization and ensuring our students are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Additionally, she has emphasized the importance of holistic education, fostering not only academic knowledge, but also personal well-being and the development of social and emotional skills.


The expansion of the school’s facilities, with the addition of three new buildings, has been one of her major contributions, providing our students with a modern and suitable environment for their development.


The introduction of an organic kitchen, one of the first of its kind in Spain, at our school has also ensured that everyone at St. Paul’s School learns the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, as well as understanding the environmental significance of adopting sustainable and quality nutrition.


But undoubtedly, nothing stands out as much as her human touch. Approachability and resilience, her favourite term, have been two of the fundamental pillars in developing relationships between Patricia, our current community, and those from the past. Her ability to listen, understand, support, and teach all of us has made her a figure of trust and respect.


On behalf of St. Paul’s, we want to thank you for all your dedication and commitment, as well as for allowing us to walk our path alongside yours. We wish you the best in this new stage, full of new challenges and experiences.


Thank you, Patricia!


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