Memorable International Experiences

Experiencia Internacional

Memorable International Experiences

Over three decades ago, St. Paul’s School, a pioneering institution in English education in Barcelona, activated an exciting project to provide its students with an international experience in the United Kingdom. Over the years, this project has continued to growth, expanding to include Europe, the United States, and Canada. We would like to tell you about our International Project and how it began... 

It all started with a group trip to the United Kingdom during the summers of the ’80s. We designed a tailored experience and, through it, formed connections with prestigious institutions that would contribute to perfecting the English skills of generations of our students. In the mornings, the students attended English classes, and in the afternoons, they enjoyed a leisure and recreational program, always accompanied by our teachers, who played a crucial role in supervision, care, wellbeing and the providing of personalized attention as needed. 

Our alumni fondly recall these trips and how much they enjoyed them. Even today, we never tire of hearing their tales! One of the most popular being the excitement of receiving a handwritten letter from their families. Nowadays, digital messages have replaced paper, but the affection and companionship born from these trips have endured and are among the greatest treasures that St. Paul’s School offers. 


Currently, the St. Paul’s UK Summer Trip commences in the third year of Primary School with a dynamic experience that places a growing emphasis on sports, outdoor activities, and cultural visits, all designed to enhance the overall experience. The advanced English proficiency of our students enables them to immerse themselves directly in other cultures and engage meaningfully with them. 

As students progress, the International Project expands with exchanges and stays of up to two terms in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Ireland, and the United States. These opportunities enable them to delve deeply into a personal growth experience in English or French and develop valuable intercultural competencies. 

Explorando el mundo a través del inglés: Experiencias Internacionales

At St. Paul’s School, our commitment is to provide each of our students with an international experience, inspire them, and prepare them for a global future while maintaining the traditional values that are an integral part of our identity. 

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