Progress of the new buildings at St. Paul’s

Progress of the new buildings at St. Paul’s

This ambitious expansion of the buildings project we are undertaking represents a significant milestone in the history of our institution.

Since those early days in 1968, we have aimed to create an exceptional educational environment that inspires our students to reach their full potential. With the construction of these new buildings, we are closer than ever to turning that dream into reality.

The new building for primary school students and another for ADMINISTRATION are the culmination of decades of planning and dedication. These spaces will not only provide modern and suitable facilities for the educational needs of the 21st century, but they also symbolize a tangible commitment of St. Paul’s to excellence and innovation.

David Gabaldon informs us that the progress of the works is proceeding as planned.

In addition to offering spacious classrooms equipped with the latest educational technology, these buildings are designed with a focus on sustainability and energy saving. From the selection of materials to the implementation of efficient lighting and climate control systems, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and teach our students the value of environmental responsibility. Additionally, a solar plant with over 60 panels will be installed, contributing to the generation of sustainable energy.

As we progress in the construction of these new spaces, we envision the future of St. Paul’s and the opportunities it will offer to future generations of students.

These buildings will not only enhance the educational experience of our students, but also strengthen St. Paul’s position as a leader in quality education.

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