St. Paul’s School helps African Orphan Children

St. Paul’s School helps African Orphan Children

This week in St. Paul’s, we have received a Donation Certificate from Faraja Orphans Children Home in Arusha Tanzania.  Our donation reached the sum of 700€.  This amount was collected from the sale of ceramic fancy jewellery, sold in the Summer Festival of the School.

When Carlos Duran came back from his summer holidays in 2011, he talked about what he saw in his trip to Tanzania, and his visit to the Faraja Orphanage.  This Orphanage is helping children who have no family, no food, no water, no shelter… Carlos’s words were full of feeling for these children and we, in art, decided to do something for the orphanage.

So the result of the work done by the 6th grade classes last year has been fulfilled, and they have worked for a good cause, and helped to provide essential needs for the Faraja Home.

We call our project “Children to Children”, and we hope to carry it out this year too.

Anne Pons

Primary Art Teacher

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