St. Paul’s Volta Project

St. Paul’s Volta Project

VOLTA is an innovative programme that mixes sport, acrobatics, Latin American dance and martial arts together with an exciting approach to filmmaking. The Volta workshops have been running in Latin America and the UK for a number of years and we are now bringing VOLTA to Spain for the first time as part of the creative arts and sports curriculum at St. Paul’s School, Barcelona.

VOLTA workshops are conducted by a group of experienced sportsmen, film makers and dance educators, including qualified Acrobatic Arts, Capoeira and Martial Arts instructors. Between them, they contribute substantial experience within the areas of education, project management of workshops and working with young people, as well as producing sport and dance videos featuring participants sourced from non-professional backgrounds. We have worked with high profile brands such as Nike, Coca Cola and MTV. In 2003 the project won an MTV Award for Best Independent Video. All participants came from the workshops.

At. St. Paul’s the VOLTA team worked together with a group of secondary teachers amongst students from ESO1 and ESO4. The objectives they set were the following:

  • to provide an outlet for self-expression, and the therapeutic benefits of physical activity, in the form of a combination of football, acrobatics, Latin dance and martial arts
  • to give practical and theoretical training for participants that can be incorporated into curricula and programme of study
  • to make the students feel empowered, teach them new skills, and provide them with the tools to apply those skills elsewhere.
  • to teach innovative and practical filming techniques

The project has proved a huge success and I would like to congratulate all involved for their hard work, perseverance and enthusiasm.

Patricia Carranza




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